Belt Conveyor Systems

Powered belt systems for conveying items with irregular bottoms, sacks, small cartons. Horizontal Belt is ideally used to convey items with irregular bottom surfaces, small items that could fall between rollers or bags that may sag between rollers. Belt conveyors drive the belt, where roller conveyors drive the load, making belt conveyors easier on more fragile conveyed products.
Model TA Slider Bed
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TA Slider Bed Conveyor Slider Bed Conveyor is suitable for light to medium loads, and is one of the most popular conveyor types in use today. These conveyors have a sheet metal frame with pulleys at either end. The belt slides across the solid metal frame, giving it the name slider bed. It's an inexpensive, quiet, easily-installed conveyor. Maximum load per linear ft: 75 lbs.
Model TL Slider Bed
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TL Conveyor Rugged, heavy duty slider bed ideally used for long assembly line operations, inspections, testing, sorting, and packing.  Larger drive pulley and tail pulley give this conveyor a higher load capacity than the similar model TA.  Maximum load per linear ft: 100 lbs. 
Model TR Slider Bed
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TR Conveyor Due to integrated guard rails that help contain the load, Model TR troughed bed conveyor is ideal for overhead conveying applications. It’s also well-suited for any application involving loose parts, where containing the load, or where product stability may be in question.  Maximum load per linear ft: 75 lbs. 
Model SB Slider Bed
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SB Conveyor This belt conveyor includes pop-out rollers on each end making it easy to match up with and bolt to other sections of conveyor without having to resize or share belts.  A channel frame, bolt-in pans, and reversible center drive are standard.  Motor is limited to a speed of 65 feet per minute.  Maximum load per linear ft: 100 lbs. 
Model RB Slider Bed
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RB Conveyor Roller bed conveyors have a much higher load weight capacity than slider bed conveyors by reducing the friction caused by the belt against the bed surface. This conveyor also has a channeled frame equipped with a single transition roller on the end of the conveyor bed.  Maximum load per linear ft: 225 lbs. 
Zipper Wide Belt Merge Conveyor
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Zipper Merge Conveyor Hytrol’s Zipper is a wide belt conveyor fitted with fixed belt plows for the purpose of merging cartons from multiple parallel lines. The conveyor utilizes a unique belt type designed for tracking on a low length-to-width ratio. Also, tracking idlers are angled and skewed to properly position the belt on the pulleys.
Power Belt Gapping Conveyor
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Gapper Belt Conveyor The Gapper belt conveyor creates a set amount of space between conveyed products. It is an ideal conveyor for  feeding saw tooth merges, combiners, sorters, or other equipment where gaps must be pulled between cartons.
Trash Conveyor
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Trash Belt Conveyor Trash conveyors handle empty cartons, boxes, trash and other lightweight loads that must be contained between its 6" tall integral side guards. Excellent for operations where boxes are being opened, and contents removed. Trash conveyors can help keep a facility much cleaner and more organized than discarding boxes into dumpsters, carts or bins, and don't require collection employees.
Belt Conveyor Curves
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Belt Curve The Model TS1500-100 belted curve conveyor provides a positive flow of product by means of a belt, driven by tapered pulleys. Conveyor is a versatile in that it can transport a wide variety of products. Available in 45°, 60°, 90°, and 180° turns. Used for loads that are too small or too irregular to be conveyed on rollers.
KMH Belt Conveyor Systems