Very Narrow Aisle Forklift

The Benefits Of Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Narrow aisle forklift trucks allow for more racking within the operational space and since more racking means more pick locations, a greater number of SKUs (stock keeping units) can be stored within the space.  This, potentially, can allow up to 50% more warehouse capacity.

At KMH we offer Bendi and Flexi as your top narrow aisle forklift solutions.  These machines can provide solutions in the most unique of circumstances and challenges.  Small and compact, narrow aisle forklifts result in a more effective use warehouse space and lower per pallet cost than larger lift truck options.

Bendi & Flexi have reshaped the material handling market by offering versatile very narrow aisle forklift trucks that can both work in tight spaces but load trailers. For the last 20 years the Bendi has dwarfed the VNA market that it set out to replace. Flexi was the original and the most cost effective solution in the industry.

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Schedule Planned Maintenance

Why Preventative Maintenance Is Important

Companies that rely solely on reactive maintenance are essentially waiting for a problem to happen, and this can be a very costly move. Unplanned downtime can result in idle employees, halting the production line, missed deadline.  Any unexpected failure of your equipment can mean having to pay technicians overtime and having to pay extra money for delivery of parts.

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The Benefits of Overhead Cranes

Benefits of Overhead Cranes

Cranes exist in a variety of forms – each tailored to a specific use. Sizes range from the smallest jib cranes, used inside workshops, to the tallest tower cranes, used for constructing high buildings. Mini-cranes are also used for constructing high buildings, to facilitate constructions by reaching tight spaces.  Cranes are commonly employed in the transportation industry for the loading as well as unloading of freight. Cranes in the manufacturing plants are often overhead cranes which move along with beams to assist in lifting.  Most of the construction sites are filled with such cranes services which deploy a range of these equipment that are in work. A suspended crane or overhead crane is used mostly inside factories and they can transport very heavy loads. In automated and computer operated warehouses, a stacker crane with a forklift is used.

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