LED Light Retrofit

We have helped hundreds of facilities and business owners save up to 70% in energy costs a year. The lights require virtually no tools for an energy-efficient retrofit. It’s more efficient and bright and will work up to 375,000 hours!

Install in approximately 1 Minute requiring virtually no tools for an energy-efficient retrofit. It’s more efficient and bright and will work up to 375,000 hours!

NO Maintenance

NO Tools Required For Install, Service, Or Adjustments

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Kärcher KM 70 Push Sweepers

The Kärcher KM 70 range consists of 3 different push sweepers based on one basic model. All KM 70 machines have a working width of 70 cm and a 42 liter waste container with different equipment. The casing and waste container are made of extremely tough, very light and corrosion-resistant plastic. The best preconditions for easy handling and durability. The robust, maneuverable and easy to use Kärcher KM 70 push sweepers allow professional sweeping with minimal maintenance.

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Blue Safety LED Light

Safety issues are a concern for any forklift operator.

According to the US CDC agency, there are nearly 19,000 forklift/pedestrian accidents each year in the United States alone. The Blue Safety LED Light helps minimize forklift/pedestrian accidents by projecting a clear blue spot on the ground behind the forklift. Backup alarms are effective, but what happens when employees are listening to music, talking on cell phones, or just not paying attention?

Blue Safety LED Light can fit on most forklifts to ensure that little extra safety. Relatively new to the industry, they are quickly becoming a mandatory and offer some very unique advantages over backup alarms and other devices.

Blue Safety Lights are ideal for your budget – because accidents are never productive. The Blue LEDs save you time, the cost of unnecessary loss due to collisions and prevent needless worries. They are built using ultra bright LEDs which are so long lasting they can be considered a lifetime bulb thus saving on maintenance, replacement and parts costs. Blue Lights are easily installed on the front or back of any forklift, sweeper or other piece of industrial equipment and have a rugged aluminum housing to resist dust and temporary emersion in water.

The forklift is typically the most dangerous piece of equipment in any facility that uses it, these low-cost enhancements are sensible and easy.

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Forklift FAILS!

Be careful Out There People LOL!

We Offer Training For All Lift Truck Makes & Models. KMH continually strives to educate our customers about lift truck operation, safety and industrial regulations for both ANSI and OSHA. With proper forklift training, you can reduce your downtime due to improper operation and provide effective, timely maintenance and repair of your lift truck fleet. We provide a range of forklift training classes at progressive levels to meet your needs!

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Features & Benefits of the E24i

The E24i is the most robust E24™ motor ever, with a higher maximum speed than the original E24™. We simplified wiring and reduced the number of spare parts by integrating the DC motor and motor control card into one package. The E24i is compatible with the existing E24™ wiring harness for power distribution and I/O.

To use with EZLogic®, connect the EZLogic® output cable to the M8 connector on the back of the motor.

There is a 4-position terminal block on the back of the E24™i motor. You can give a 24-volt input to the motor, or you can get 24-volt outputs. The first terminal block is the “Motor Run” input. When not using EZLogic®, run the motor by giving a positive 24- volt signal to the 1st terminal block.

The second terminal block is the “Reverse” input. Reverse the motor by supplying a 24-volt signal to the reverse input terminal. The third terminal block is for an external analog signal. Supply a 0-10 volt analog input, or the “Analog” input, to control the speed from a remote analog source, such as Hytrol’s Global Speed Controller.

The fourth terminal outputs 24 volts when the motor is running. Use this signal to monitor the individual status of zones or connect it to the Motor Run input of an adjacent motor to control two motors from one signal.

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BIGFOOT Is On The Loose!

Doosan Bigfoot rough terrain tire option kits.

Doosan produces over 100 models of forklifts including engine and electric forklift trucks, reach trucks and warehouse equipment, covering most of material handling equipment range. All of our products are focused on reliability, operator convenience and comfort as well as powerful performance, enhancing performance and profitability.

Also, Doosan offers top class equipment based on environmentally-friendly products with low gas emission and noise and vibration.

Yard Truck – XSpotter – Autocar

The newest tough truck from Autocar®, of course.

We’ve channeled decades of experience from many severe-duty truck applications into Autocar’s modern yard tractor. From powertrain performance, to cab safety and durability, to interior ergonomics, to cab suspension design, Autocar® continues to lead the way – we’re changing the paradigm of building severe duty trucks for the yard tractor market to make operators more efficient.Take a look, and see how our vehicle can improve your productivity.

We invested the last 3 years and millions of dollars to learn from operators and understand and appreciate the unique aspects of this application, and driver-operator environment. As a result, we strongly believe we designed the industry’s most modern, safe to operate, durable, operator friendly, purpose-built truck with numerous best-in-class features and benefits.

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