KMH & Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

KMH delivers sustainable and guaranteed positive cash flow and energy savings through forward thinking energy management services. From energy efficient lighting and motion/ambient light sensor controls to “off the grid” direct renewable solutions such as light pipes and solar harvesting, KMH provides a modular platform that enables our clients to capitalize on current and emerging ROI opportunities. KMH integrates the design, installation, and recycling elements to ensure a turnkey solution.

Energy Management Brochure

Energy Management Brochure

Download our KMH Systems Energy Management Brochure to the left. It provides & outlines the advantages & steps of having KMH help you with your Energy Efficient project.

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Operational Audit & ROI Analysis

Energy Efficient Lighting Typically Provides The Following Benefits...
50% Energy Reduction
50% Increase In Light Output
Improved Color Rendering
Carbon Footprint Reduction
Instant-On Lighting
Ambient / Motion Control Options
Integrated Wireless Management Platform
Optimal Thermal / Optical Performance
Modular Plug-And-Play Platform

First Law of Thermodynamics

Warehouse Efficient Lighting Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be converted to heat, vibration and work. If your light fixtures are hot or noisy, they may not provide the most efficient use of your energy.

KMH can provide a FREE consultation and ROI analysis to show you your cash flow savings.

Environmental & Fiscal Stewardship

Green Energy Lighting KMH’s team of energy experts delivers practical solutions for helping our clients better manage your energy requirements. KMH partners with the leading power technology that designs, manufactures and deploys energy efficient technology for commercial and industrial businesses throughout North America. KMH offers a unique set of core competencies which
include Technology, Thought Leadership, Seamless Integration and Project Financing.

Technological Stewardship

T5 T8 Warehouse Lighting KMH delivers optimal energy management technology ranging from energy efficient T5/T8/LED lighting, light pipes, solar photovoltaic pipes, and sensors to integrated wireless management system, complex control platforms, and patented financial products. Our leading technology partner designed and patented one of the first high intensity fluorescent technologies
on the market, doubling light levels while reducing lighting electricity by more than 50% when replacing traditional high intensity discharge lighting. KMH delivers optimal light output per kWh consumed to provide the best solution for both your operation and financial statements.

Facility Stewardship

Facility Energy Efficient Lighting KMH provides a turnkey delivery of a system to maximize your savings and ensure that structural integrity of the building is maintained today and into the future. With our extensive survey process and application of the proper technology, KMH ensures that we meet or exceed your quality of light expectations. During this minimally invasive process, we take care to assure a safe and timely
installation with a trained and courteous crew.

Financial Stewarship - RISK FREE ROI

In addition to the obvious reduction in utility expense, KMH services allow you to capitalize from a financial standpoint by maximizing energy output while capturing applicable state, federal and utility incentives in order to optimize your internal rate of return.

Our assortment of financing options permits you to install and immediately reap the cash flow benefits of the system without a capital outlay. This provides instant positive impact to your bottom line.
KMH Energy Management Graph
With electricity representing 86% of a lighting project’s lifetime costs along with the rising cost of electricity, forward-thinking organizations look to capitalize on innovative technology to capture new cash flow streams. KMH guarantees to reduce your energy costs and produce rapid ROI with our industry leading energy platform.

Controlling Your Energy Destiny

iPad KMH provides a comprehensive array of controls to bring all of these independent pieces together. From motion / ambient light sensors and RF transponders to iPad touch screens that control all of your energy-consuming activities, KMH provides visibility, flexibility, and economic benefits unparalleled in the industry. Our next generation control systems allow you to see and track in real
time the electrical demand in your entire facility from lighting to other sources such as HVAC and machinery. Let KMH help you take control of your energy future.

Forward Thinking

Solar Panel Lighting KMH offers the opportunity to implement a solar photovoltaic engineered system on the ground or on your rooftop that allows you to reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint while providing a hedge against rising electric rates. Patented light pipes harvest and deliver “off the grid” lighting directly to your floor allowing you to turn down/off energy-consuming light fixtures in
your operation. Solar pipes harvest and store sunlight for discretionary use at your facility as well as demand-management trading with your local utility for incremental income to your bottom line.
Warehouse Efficient Lighting Solutions