KMH Ergonomics

We offer a broad comprehensive line of lifting and positioning ergonomic equipment. Whether you're looking for Lift Tables, Specialty Tables, Container Handling, Pallet Handling, Portable Lifts, or Engineered Solutions, KMH has a product designed for your needs. We have engineers on staff to assist with on-site application engineering and integrating products into your operations.

Full Line Ergonomic Brochure

Ergonomic Brochure Making work faster, safer, and easier with lifting, positioning and transporting products.Here you can view our full-line brochure of featuring the different SouthWorth ergonomic products we offer.

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Lift Table Brochure

Lift Tables This brochure shows you in depth the different lift tables we offer along with specifications for our different models. Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Light Capacity, Dock, Manual, & many more lift tables.

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Mobile Lifts Brochure

Mobile Lift Tables Lifting, leveling, and tilting transporters. A lift for every application. Here you can view our mobile lift brochure. These inexpensive lifter / transporters make any job easier.

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Pallet Handling Brochures & Videos

Pallet Handling Looking to load and unload pallets quickly and safely without lifting, stretching or walking?

View the PalletPal Brochure
View the Pallet Stackers Brochure
View the PalletPal Inverter Brochure

Ergonomic Principles for Manual Handling Tasks

Ergonomic Principles Minimize significant body motions & reduce object weights / forces. Check out our PDF showing you the reasons why an ergonomic design for your company could be very helpful!

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Ergonomic Project Designing

Ergonomic Project Designing Need to move quickly on a project? Fill out our KMH Ergonomics / Lift Tables Inquiry Sheet and then fax or email it on over to us so we can quickly get your project moving.

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KMH Ergonomic Equipment