We Offer Training For All Lift Truck Makes & Models

KMH continually strives to educate our customers about lift truck operation, safety and industrial regulations for both ANSI and OSHA. With proper training, you can reduce your downtime due to improper operation and provide effective, timely maintenance and repair of your lift truck fleet. We provide a range of classes at progressive levels to meet your needs:

Training is conducted at ANY KMH Branch or at your location.
Training time is dependent on the number of trainee’s and classes of trucks.
(Training is a minimum of 3 hours)

Forklift Operator Training

This course is designed to fulfill OSHA's requirement that "only trained and authorized operators shall be permitted to operate powered industrial trucks." This training course averages six hours and will utilize video segments, lecture, group discussion, facility walkthrough and demonstrations.
The Content Of Course Includes: Training Course Cost:
Accident Prevention 1 Student
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Lift Truck Driving Skills 3 - 5 Students
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Fueling, Charging, & Inspecting Forklift 6+ Students
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Load Handling  
Pedistrian & Dock Hazards  

Safety Training

A combination of classroom and hands on training done at your facility, on your existing owned or leased equipment. Operators and supervisors will learn the proper and OSHA expected methods of operation. We also now offer Speedshield, the ultimate monitioring system for safe lift truck operator practices!

Train The Trainer

Training Kit
This course is designed to enable you, or your designates, to be able to certify your own operators if you choose. This is a one-day class ( 8-9) hours, not including lunch, at your location or at our South Bend, Indiana Training Center. The course training includes a training kit for future use by the trainee.

Technical Training

From Basic through Advanced Courses in things such as routine preventive maintenance through troubleshooting fuel and electrical systems and much more. Tell us what you need and we will help you get it done efficiently and as economically as possible.

We offer Technical Training for all persons who are expected to repair your equipment regardless of an individual’s personal skill level. We routinely train the novice, as well as those who have been practicing the craft for a number of years. As equipment and systems and procedures change from year to year so must the technician. We can (and do) teach the old dog new tricks!

Safety Training Brochure

KMH Forklift Safety Training
Download our FREE KMH Systems Safety Training Brochure to the left. It provides & outlines the courses and training we offer here at KMH.

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