Sortation Systems

Accumulation conveyors hold product in place until given a signal to release it. Applications include feeding product to a machine such as a case sealer at a specified rate, or to hold all items to be shipped on a given truck until that truck is ready to be loaded. Accumulation is similar to power roller conveyor with important exceptions. The drive pressure on the product can be adjusted to a minimum, or even eliminated altogether. This is useful when a long line of cartons have to be accumulated without pressure so that they can be utilized in a process such as loading, sorting, taping, strapping, palletizing, or picking. Minimum and Zero-pressure Systems are available.
Slat Sortation Conveyor
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Slat Sortation Conveyor Products are transported on anodized aluminum slats where at a predetermined location, divert shoes move diagonally across the conveyor to push the product onto a take-away line. Designed for high speed applications with positive, gentle product diversion.
High Speed Sortation
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High Speed Sortation Conveyor The belt-driven sortation conveyor concept provides a reliable method of tracking packages to the divert stations. The diverter may be controlled by photo cells, a code reader, a PLC controller, or other established control methods.
ProSort Slat Sortation Conveyor
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Slat Sortation Conveyor ProSort 131 sortation conveyor moves the load on high strength aluminum slats, and incorporates a system of shoes to move diagonally across the conveyor to divert the product conveyed to the appropriate line. ProSort 131 is suitable for moving smaller items that can not be sorted with tube or belt.
Medium Roller Transfer Conveyor
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Medium Roller Transfer Conveyor The ProSort MRT is ideal for 2-sided item transfers. Product can be transferred off either side of the conveyor to other right angle conveyors, workstations, packing operations, ticketing stations, shipping departments, or other similar operations. The unit is capable of handling high sort rates, up to 100 sorts a minute, based on product size.
Angle Sortation Conveyor
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Angle Sortation Conveyor ViperSort is a right angle sortation conveyor deployed to sort small to medium size products. The ViperSort utilizes a patented design which enables the sorting of cylindrical products, extremely thin items such as blister packs, vinyl envelopes and other problematic items.
KMH Sortation Systems