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Scheduled maintenance is critically important to the safe operation of your vehicle. Our technicians are factory certified on both electrical and internal combustion products, and have detailed OEM training on a variety of competitive brands such as TCM, Nissan, Toyota, Yale, CAT, Clark & Hyster to name a few.

Maintaining your fleet is a seamless satisfying experience when you schedule regular PMs with KMH. Our reps and techs keep you on schedule and rolling so you never miss a shipment. Uptime is everything, so we have made sure our Service Department is ready for you with over $1 million dollars in parts inventory, professionally trained radio and GPS dispatched fleet of over 50 service technicians for when you want to leave the repairs to us. Supported by our outstanding parts-sourcing capabilities, we can keep your lift trucks up and running… adding to your bottom line!

Our goal is 2-hour response time when you call.
And, we get it right the first time with fewer than 4% callbacks on service repairs!

KMH Services More Than Just Lift Trucks

Lift Trucks are not the only equipment that needs service. We offer Full Maintenance options, planned & breakdown, for:

Dock Equipment
Batteries & Chargers
Brake Parts
Yard Dogs

Drive Axle Components
Electrical Components
Fuel Systems
Hydraulic Parts
Lift Chains
Load Wheels

Wire Guided Vehicles
LP Tanks
Lift Tables
Tune-Up Parts

Recondition Equipment

Need To Rebuild?

Rebuilding your equipment saves you thousands of dollars a year – that’s money you can use to grow your business. Our parts and service technicians can give you a quote on your current repair needs as well as create an ongoing parts and service plan for regular maintenance. We often help customers pre-order parts they need on a regular basis to save them time.

Call us at 888-564-7678 press #2 for Service or fill-out the form below and find let us help you save on rebuilds and create a maintenance plan that works for your budget. 

PalletPal Walkie

PalletPal Walkie Mobile Leveler

The PalletPal Walkie is an automatic spring actuated level loader that works in tandem with your existing powered walkie or rider pallet trucks. The PalletPal Walkie works with all standard electric walkie and walkie/riders.


A worker simply drives the pallet truck into the PalletPal’s built in fork, an empty pallet is positioned on the skid resistant platform. The worker does the same job he has always done except, the platform is at a comfortable height which can be loaded easily with no bending or stretching. As more items are added the Walkie’s spring compresses to lower the platform while keeping the top level at a comfortable, ergonomic height.


  • Automatic Height Adjustment – Spring mechanism responds to load
  • Requires no electrical power
  • Platform accommodates all types of pallets and skids including GEO and half pallets
  • Platform recesses and narrow base pads allows workers to get closer to the load

Our award-winning team takes pride in helping you meet the challenges of your dynamic operation. Contact us today to get the right equipment for you. Contact your local KMH Representative at 888-564-7978 or fill-out the form below…

Cushman Commercial & Utility Vehicles

Whether you’re moving through a facility, warehouse, across the campus or around the field, Cushman Vehicles makes a ride that is perfect for all your needs.  Cushman commercial and utility vehicles are known around the world for versatility, durability and dependability. With a complete range of heavy-duty industrial material-handling vehicles, comfortable personnel transport and food & beverage vehicles. Cushman has payload capacities up to 3,000 pounds, there’s a Cushman vehicle for almost any application. Cushman Shuttle personnel transport vehicles are ideal for transporting guests and clients in style and comfort.


Cushman industrial vehicles are built to efficiently move products, people and raw materials across sizeable indoor or paved areas. They’re tough, tenacious and powered by hard-working, emissions-free electric motors.
Check Out The Burden Carriers

With five diverse models and fully customized options, Cushman burden carriers can shoulder the load no matter what the job requires.
Check Out The Tuggers

With power to spare, Cushman towers offer plenty of power when the weight stacks up!  You can choose between a 5,000-lb and 8,000-lb towing capacity.

With power to spare, Cushman towers offer plenty of power when the weight stacks up!  You can choose between a 5,000-lb and 8,000-lb towing capacity.


Courses come in all shapes and sizes. Good thing Cushman vehicles do, too.  From Personnel Transport Series, Refresher Series to Cushman’s Utility Series assures everyone will always arrive and depart in comfort and style.

Cushman Hauler 1200
Cushman Hauler 800
Cushman Hauler Pro


When it comes to hauling materials, moving equipment and crews, and just plain getting the day’s work done, you can count on the Cushman Utility line of vehicles to get the job done right.

Cushman Shuttle 6
Cushman Shuttle 2
Cushman Shuttle 8


Want a style all your own?  Cushman can customize your vehicles almost any way you can think up.  Extra row of seats? Specialized tool rack? A cargo bed with higher walls? Consider it done. Whatever you need, Cushman’s custom engineers will work with you to find a way to get it done!

Cushman Custom
Cushman Custom
Cushman Custom

Our award-winning team takes pride in helping you meet the challenges of your dynamic operation. Contact us today to get the right equipment for you. Contact your local KMH Representative at 888-564-7978 or fill-out the form below…

Plastic Chain Conveyor

4 Ideal Applications for Aluminum Frame Plastic Chain Conveyor

Plastic chain conveyors have become increasingly popular recently due to their modularity, flexibility, and the variety of industries in which they can perform. Sleek and clean, the low-profile design is able to convey a wide range of product depending on your needs.

As with every material handling solution, the aluminum plastic chain can serve very specific needs and performs best in specific industries. Because of its easy maintenance, durability, and compact nature, we believe that the aluminum frame plastic chain is ideal for the following sectors.

Pharmaceutical Applications

The pharmaceutical industry requires a conveyor that is both hygienic and flexible. From bottle transport to prescription packaging, these types of applications require modular components that permit both horizontal and vertical transport. An aluminum frame plastic chain also meets the specified requirements of cleanliness with easy wash-down.

An added benefit of any aluminum frame plastic chain is the low decibel level, allowing you to improve productivity while adding safety and comfort for your employees.

Automotive Applications

The above example shows what you can do with small, more fragile product but aluminum is also a highly durable material, making it ideal for handling bearings, wiring harnesses, and palletized product. With the modularity needed to reset production runs quickly, the conveyor can be easily reconfigured, giving you freedom to use your plant how you want to.

Food Packaging Applications

Like in the pharmaceutical industry, hygiene is imperative for the food industry. The easy-to-clean aluminum in this type of solution can handle various types of packaged food in hygienic environments. Using the best of both worlds, the modularity allows for the reconfiguration needed when beginning different production runs.

Personal Care Applications

Personal care applications involve handling different types of bottled liquid products either directly on top of a conveyor or on pucks. Are you sensing a theme yet? It’s difficult to talk about the aluminum conveyor without again listing its three critical elements: a modular layout, a compact profile, and a hygienic design. When it comes to personal care applications, all three are a necessity.


Connex Plastic Chain Conveyor

What Else?

Aluminum frame conveyors can easily utilize vertical movement to maximize your production space, and they can handle a wide range of product sizes and shapes. As the world adapts to evolving market demands and we move further into the world of clean energy and low environmental impact, the aluminum plastic chain conveyor has emerged as a front-runner for change.

Posted by Victor Smither – Hytrol

If you’re interested in additional information on Plastic Chain Conveyor and or would like to request a quote, please use the form below to submit your request or contact your local KMH Representative at 888-564-7978.

KMH Forklift Safety Day

Mark your calendars: June 14th is National Forklift Safety Day!

National Forklift Safety Day provides an opportunity for industry leaders to educate forklift users and lawmakers on the administration of safe forklift operational practices. About 100 employees are killed and 95,000 injured every year while operating forklifts in all industries. Forklift turnovers account for a significant percentage of these fatalities.

Safety Solutions:

• Train, evaluate and certify all operators to ensure that they can operate forklifts safely;
• Do not allow anyone under 18 years old to operate a forklift;
• Before using a forklift, examine it for hazardous conditions which would make it unsafe to operate;
• Drive safely, never exceeding 5 mph and slow down in congested areas or those with slippery surfaces;
• Ensure that the operator wears a seatbelt installed by the manufacturer;
• Use front & rear safety lights and alarms
• Never drive up to a person standing in front of a fixed object such as a wall or stacked materials;
• Do not handle loads that are heavier than the weight capacity of the forklift;
• Remove unsafe or defective trucks from service until the defect is properly repaired;
• Maintain sufficiently safe clearances for aisles, docks or passages where forklifts are used;
• Provide covers and/or guardrails to protect workers from pits, tanks, vats and ditches;

Forklift Safety Day

The following OSHA checklists may help you take steps to avoid hazards that cause injuries, illnesses and fatalities. As always, be cautious and seek help if you are concerned about a potential hazard. General Safety:

❏ Floors and aisles are clear of clutter, electrical cords, hoses, spills and other hazards that could cause employees to slip, trip or fall.
❏ Proper work practices are factored into determining the time requirements for an employee to perform a task.
❏ Employees performing physical work have adequate periodic rest breaks to avoid fatigue levels that could result in greater risk of accidents and reduced quality of work.
❏ Newly-hired employees receive general ergonomics training and task-specific training.
❏ The warehouse is well ventilated.
❏ Employees are instructed on how to avoid heat stress in hot, humid environments.
❏ Employees are instructed on how to work in cold environments.
❏ The facility has lockout/tagout procedures.

KMH continually strives to educate our customers about lift truck operation, safety and industrial regulations for both ANSI and OSHA. With proper forklift training, you can reduce your downtime due to improper operation and provide effective, timely maintenance and repair of your lift truck fleet. We provide a range of forklift training classes at progressive levels to meet your needs!

To learn more about our safety programs: Or call us at: 888-564-7978

Zero Pressure Accumulation System

EZLogic® Accumulation System

EZLogic®, or Electronic Zero-pressure Logic, is a method of zero-pressure control that combines the sensing accuracy of photo-electrics with discrete electronic logic control without the use of a PLC or pneumatic logic components. This system provides all the “intelligence” needed to accurately control the various functions of zero-pressure accumulation on a variety of conveyor models. Reduced noise, higher reliability, higher throughputs and ease of maintenance are just some of the advantages of the EZLogic® system.


The heart of the EZLogic® Accumulation System is the EZLogic® zone controller. Each controller is equipped with a photoelectric input device to detect product presence, a microprocessor to evaluate various input signals, and control connections to provide communication of data between zones and to and from outside sources. Two types of product sensing are available: A retro-reflective type which is used in conjunction with a reflector to detect packages by looking across the width of the conveyor, and a diffuse type which is used to detect packages when a reflector cannot be used.

EZLogic® Features:

  • Easier Installation & Replacement
  • Dynamic Zone Allocation – Provides Unprecedented Throughput Possibilities
  • Easy to Configure
  • Functionality to Enhance Product Flow
  • Greatly Simplifies Field Wiring

IOP Advantages:

  • Central Location For All Wiring
  • Reduced Installation Costs
  • “Peer to Peer” Communication
  • Easy to Reconfigure

Dynamic Zone Allocation

EZLogic® automatically adjusts the conveyor’s zone length to accommodate the length of the carton being conveyed. This provides better control of your boxes and naturally increases carton throughput, accumulation density, conveyor efficiency and system flexibility. If desired you can size zones for the smallest carton for maximum efficiency. Longer cartons introduced after installation do not obsolete the system, and the low-usage, long carton isn’t a problem.

Input / Output Power System

The input/output power system gives you the ability to install all of your “real time” inputs and outputs to the EZLogic® system, such as zone stop inputs, slug mode inputs, photo eye outputs, “jam detected” outputs and more. This centralizes all your control wiring to one spot and reduces installation costs. It can also be used for peer to peer communications. And it’s easy to reconfigure.

If you’re interested in additional information on the EZLogic System and or would like to request a quote, please use the form below to submit your request or contact your local KMH Representative at 888-564-7978.

Heavy Equipment Rentals

Renting Heavy Equipment Advantages

Renting heavy equipment rather than buying offers quite a few major advantages that can be beneficial to companies of all sizes across different industries. Here are just a few advantages:

Convenience and Logistical Advantages to Renting Equipment

One the biggest categories of advantages that renting has over owning is in the added convenience that it brings and lower logistical demands that it requires.

No Maintenance

When a company rents heavy equipment it is the rental company, not them, that handles these maintenance needs. This frees up a considerable amount of time, labor, and overall hassle and stress, especially when whole fleets of equipment come into play.

No Storage

Most pieces of heavy equipment will begin to suffer over time if they are left outside and exposed to the elements. Warehouse space is often at a premium and storing large, heavy equipment may be eating into a company’s ability to store much-need products and materials.

Transportation Is Easier

Transporting heavy equipment, especially an entire fleet of it, can be very expensive, time-consuming, and logistically challenging. Renting equipment removes this burden since the equipment can be delivered to the worksite instead.

Operational Advantages to Renting Equipment

Supplement Capacity

A company may already have some equipment, but still find that in order to get the job done in a timely, efficient manner they need to ramp up their capabilities with additional pieces of equipment. It is much more cost effective to rent these temporary extra units than to purchase them outright for an isolated project.

Rent Before You Own

You can even try different brands and models for a more hands-on comparison. This allows your ultimate purchase to be much more informed and helps you set your expectations accordingly.


If something goes wrong with the equipment, or you aren’t sure how to do something, they can either walk you through troubleshooting or swap out the problem unit with a different one.

Financial Advantages to Renting Equipment

There are times when it is more cost effective to own rather than rent; however, the following financial advantages to renting should definitely be taken into consideration before a decision is made.

Tax Deductions

Rental expenses are usually fully deductible to a company as a business expense. Capital costs will instead be amortized or depreciated over the life of the equipment.

No Depreciation

A drawback to purchasing just about any type of equipment is that it will immediately begin to depreciate in value, lowering the amount you would receive if you resold the equipment later.

Better Cash Flow

Buying new heavy equipment is expensive and in all but very large companies such a purchase is likely to have a significant impact on cash flow.

Our award-winning team takes pride in helping you meet the challenges of your dynamic operation. Contact us today to get the right equipment rental for you. Contact your local KMH Representative at 888-564-7978 or fill-out the form below…

All Directions… Making Short Work of Long Loads

Narrow Aisles? Tight Accesses? Storage Constraints? Combilift can do it!
Two engineers combined 40 years of knowledge and practical experience has created the ultimate long-load material handling solution: The Combilift.

Combilift is suitable for both inside and out use, and the multi-directional forklift can operate in aisles as narrow as 2 meters (80″). It has total flexibility like Three Machines in One: “Counterbalance Forklift; Sideloader; Aisle Truck.”

Combilift is the world’s first IC engine-powered all-wheel-drive multi-directional forklift, and a sideloader, it is highly maneuverable, very safe, truly cost effective, and supremely efficient. The Combilift is an engine-powered, multi-directional forklift designed primarily for handling long loads in confined areas. Robust construction provides maximum strength and reliability while its low profile platform design ensures optimum stability and safer product handling.

Narrow Aisle Truck

Suitable for use both inside and out, the multi-directional forklift can operate in aisles as narrow as 2 meters (80″).

Total Flexibility – Three Machines in One: “Counterbalance Forklift; Sideloader; Narrow Aisle Truck.”

Combilift is the world’s first IC engine-powered all-wheel-drive multidirectional forklift, and a sideloader, it’s highly maneuverable, very safe, truly cost effective, and supremely efficient. The Combilift is an engine-powered, multi-directional forklift designed primarily for handling long loads in confined areas. Robust construction provides maximum strength and reliability while its low profile platform design ensures optimum stability and safer product handling.

Combilift Multi-Directional Forklifts
Combilift Multi-Directional Forklifts

Combilift Capabilities:

  • Handling engineered wood is just one of an increasing number of applications benefiting from the Combilift’s versatility.
  • A ‘quick-release’ four-fork attachment is available for use with extra long loads.
  • Block stacking and high-bay storage are easily accommodated with the flexible Combilift.
  • The Combilift can also work as a conventional counter balance forklift handling cube loads.
  • The Combilift is capable of working in un-paved yards and semi-rough terrain.
  • Space savings can be more than 50% in warehouses and yards, depending on the type of product stored and the existing aisle width.
  • 4 way multi-directional steering system means you move forwards, backwards, and sideways… it’s anything but ordinary.
  • Productivity is enhanced through reduced driver fatigue and superior control.
  • Ergonomically designed cabin maximizes operator safety, comfort, control, and visibility.

If you’re interested in additional information on Combilift and or would like to request a quote, please use the form below to submit your request or contact your local KMH Representative at 888-564-7978.

Forklift Driving – Comfortable and Safe

Focus on Ergonomics
Next year, the forklift will celebrate its 100th birthday. The issue of workspace design and ergonomics has become increasingly important particularly in the last 30 years, an ergonomic driver’s workspace is one of the most important criteria in the acquisition of new forklifts and technical warehouse equipment. Which solutions have a particularly positive effect on the posture and health of the driver?

There are now many solutions and equipment variants that should protect the driver from the high levels of strain and maintain performance. The human vibrations that occur particularly during travel and the typical head and arm movements are frequently the cause of health problems with the back and specifically the neck and shoulder area for forklift drivers.

Forklift Ergonomic Design
The ergonomically driver’s cab offers comfort and avoids signs of fatigue during forklift operation.

A study in Gothenburg in co-operation with UniCarriers Group has shown that forklift drivers turn their head more than 1,000 times per hour and make up to 2,000 arm movements. The protection of health above and beyond the statutory requirements is increasingly becoming a focus of employers. Thus, the issue of ergonomics is also a decisive factor for an increasing number of operators in the purchase of new equipment.

An ergonomic and user-friendly workspace improves safety in the subsequent operation of the vehicle. This includes the layout and functionality of the intuitive controls as well as a comfortable seat and good visibility on all sides.

Forklift Ergonomics
Tapered ribs in the protective cover ensure good visibility even when stacking at great height.

Ergonomics – the best protection against accidents
An investigation by the “Energie Textil Elektro Medienerzeugnisse” (energy, textile, electrical, media products) professional association shows that 77 percent of all forklift accidents are impact accidents, 33 percent of which happen when reversing. With a high seat position, large fields of vision, mast profiles and optimum arrangement of the hydraulic hoses and electrical cables the protective cover ensure good all-round visibility. UniCarriers offers its forklifts with an anti-reflective colored coating of the cab roof. To help, camera systems can improve forward or rear visibility.

UniCarriers Forklift Ergonomics

Relaxed Posture and Smaller Strains
To avoid strains on the body the sideways seat direction is part of the industry standard. The driver’s seat can be adjusted individually for size and weight to an optimal position. Premium suppliers such as UniCarriers offer a height-adjustable floor and comfort seats and individually adjustable lumbar supports. In 2011, Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden conducted an ergonomic study with reach trucks from different manufacturers. “The result shows that the Tergo reach truck from Atlet by UniCarriers allows a more ergonomic posture than other reach trucks.

Safe Forklift Driving
The on-board computer saves the personal user profiles of different forklift drivers.

Innovative technologies for greater productivity
Ergonomics has a long tradition in the history of UniCarriers and TCM. The strains on drivers were investigated in 1989 to 1991. The findings had an impact on the development of new drivers’ workspaces and vehicles. With the merger of the brands Atlet, Nissan Forklift and TCM to form the UniCarriers group in 2011, this tradition and the endeavor to constantly improve vehicle ergonomics were continued.

Forklift Joystick
With the Ergologic joystick, all the hydraulic functions can be controlled effortlessly and safely

With the new Tergo URS swivel reach truck from the Atlet by UniCarriers product family, the driver can recall numerous individual settings at the start of driving by a personal PIN code. For an ergonomic posture in all work stages, the backrest can be tilted backwards by up to 18 degrees. This strain is reduced by the seat tilt function. To relieve the strain on the driver’s arm and shoulder area, UniCarriers has developed the individually adjustable “floating” armrest. At the end of this mobile, sprung armrest is the patented mini steering wheel, an ergonomically optimized solution with its palm-sized functional surface.

All operating elements for the lifting functions can be reached from the right armrest in the form of mini levers and buttons.

Premium manufacturer UniCarriers also offer an integrated joystick as standard, with which all the major functions of the lift mast can be controlled. This allows the forklift to be easier to operate, saves time and increases the handling rate, as several functions can be performed simultaneously. Both armrests are height-adjustable to encourage a relaxed sitting position.

The driver travels forwards for around 70 percent and in the direction of the forks for around 20 percent of the working time. Here, the left arm is employed with moving the steering wheel for up to 74 percent of the time.

Forklift Driver

Pleasure in Stacking
A forklift driver should feel comfortable in the workspace. This is accomplished by ergonomic vehicle and cab equipment, which reduces strains and thus protects the health of the driver. Signs of fatigue can be prevented and staff shortages due to illness can be reduced. The manufacturers offer numerous equipment variants and innovative solutions. The trend is towards greater capacity for personalization of the forklift. Additionally, the vehicles are becoming ever quieter. The winner from this development is not only the driver but also the operator.

Ultimately, the operator benefits from high productivity and operating safety.


KMH is committed to and focused on Forklift Ergonomics. Contact your local KMH Representative at 888-564-7978 or use the form below if you would like more information on UniCarrier Forklifts.

Industrial Fans

It Will Be HOT Soon! Industrial Fans Can Help

Almost all industries need industrial fans or blowers to ensure proper ventilation for the health of its employees and customers. Industrial fans provide air and gas movement that is absolutely necessary for many factories and other industrial sites. The health of thousands of workers and customers is protected every day through the function and utilization of quality industrial fans.

Places to Install:

  • Manufacturing Areas
  • Docks
  • Enclosed Area
  • Construction Sites
  • Factory Work Areas
  • Chemical Industrial Areas
  • Automotive Facilities
  • Racking Aisles


  • Energy Efficient
  • Quiet Performance
  • Provides Cool Gentle Breeze In Summer, De-stratifies Heat In The Winter
  • 230,000+ CFM
  • Blade / Gearbox Modularization
  • Chemical Industrial Areas
  • Unique Blades / Hub / Tie Safety System
High Velocity Fans

Our High Velocity Ceiling Fan has a new, 5-blade design not only provides easier maintenance and service, but the unique Double Chain Drive-train has removed the entire downward axial load from the gearbox and places it directly on the heavy duty housing structure. The gearbox no longer supports the weight of the hub and blades, therefore relieving stress on the gearbox, a major point of failure in other designs.

The High 5 Ceiling Fan
The High 5 Ceiling Fan
Industrial Ceiling Fan

Each fan has a different function or purpose and your business will benefit much more when the correct type of fan is utilized to alleviate whatever problem you are facing.

If you would like a quote on any industrial fans or additional information please call: 888-564-7978 or fill-out our request form below:

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