Blue Forklift LED Safety Light

Blue Forklift LED Safety Light

Facility safety is a major concern for many employers and employees in material handling spaces.  We all know the dangers of work place incidence to the safety of A blue light can be mounted anywhere on the lift; in fact some lifts can have multiple blue lights.  The light shoots a little blue spot light onto the ground 10+ feet in front of or behind the forklift. your employees.


  • Provides visual warning for pedestrians to promote greater safety
  • Wide variety of applications from 12 to 48 volts
  • Bright blue spot beam projects pattern clearly onto the ground
  • UV resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Rugged solid state LECs can withstand shock and vibration
  • Longer-lasting LEDs mean never having to replace another bulb
  • Tough aluminum housing helps prevent rust and corrosion
  • Universal Mount


  • Amp Draw: 1.3 Amps @ 12V, 0.6 Amps @ 24V, 0.3 Amps @ 48V
  • Power: 42 Watts
  • Voltage: 9-60 Volts DC
  • Body Material: Cast Aluminum, Vibration Dampened
  • Lens: Impact Resistant Plastic


  • Dimensions (including base): 106mm x 134.60mm x 85.20mm
  • Connector: Deutsch DT04-2P Built-in
  • Color: Blue

Pricing Starts @ $128.50 ea. Includes Full 2 Year Warranty!

Volume Discounts Available