Forklift Parts & Service

Maximize Up-time & Profits!

In a world where shopping online has become the norm, why shouldn’t you take advantage of the same time-saving opportunities at your business? When it comes to ordering replacement parts for your forklifts or facility you shouldn’t shy away from ordering online. KMH offers many other useful tools to help manage your account and your business.

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Forklift Parts & Forklift Service

Over $1 Million Dollars of Parts Inventory

Never miss a beat. No matter what brand you have, or what problem you are facing, KMH can get you back up and running in no time. In today’s economy, maintenance and fleet management are our specialty and we utilize every possible avenue to cut costs and benefit your bottom line. KMH has a number of popular and effective cost-saving technologies to help streamline and improve the effectiveness of your operation.

With computer-generated parts schematics for all of our forklifts and over $1 million dollars of parts’ inventory in our network servicing all brands, KMH dispatches the right parts to our certified technicians ensuring maximum fleet uptime and productivity.

Are you spending too much on parts and service? Contact us and receive a free quote to see how we can lower your costs and increase your ROI.

We ship direct to your door and our team of Parts Specialists have over 50 years of combined experience. You can phone in your order, email or contact us via live chat – whatever is most convenient for you.

Professional Parts & Service Support For…

  • Nissan Forklifts
  • Crown Lift Trucks
  • Caterpillar Forklifts
  • Clark Forklifts
  • Toyota Lift Trucks
  • Hyster Lift Trucks
  • Mitsubishi Forklifts
  • Yale Forklifts
  • Raymond Lift Trucks
  • TCM Forklifts
  • Daewoo Forklifts
  • Allis Chalmers Forklifts
  • Baker Lift Trucks
  • Linde Forklifts
  • JCB Equipment

In need of Parts Support? If so, call us today 888-564-7978 or please use the form below to submit your parts request so we can start helping you maximize your efficiency and save you money on your parts!

KMH Is Redefining Service

Scheduled maintenance is critically important to the safe operation of your vehicle. Our technicians are factory certified on both electrical and internal combustion products, and have detailed OEM training on a variety of competitive brands such as TCM, Nissan, Toyota, Yale, CAT, Clark & Hyster to name a few.

Maintaining your fleet is a seamless satisfying experience when you schedule regular PMs with KMH. Our reps and techs keep you on schedule and rolling so you never miss a shipment. Uptime is everything, so we have made sure our Service Department is ready for you with over $1 million dollars in parts inventory, professionally trained radio and GPS dispatched fleet of over 50 service technicians for when you want to leave the repairs to us. Supported by our outstanding parts-sourcing capabilities, we can keep your lift trucks up and running… adding to your bottom line!

Our goal is 2-hour response time when you call.
And, we get it right the first time with fewer than 4% callbacks on service repairs!

KMH Services More Than Just Lift Trucks

Lift Trucks are not the only equipment that needs service. We offer Full Maintenance options, planned & breakdown, for:

Dock Equipment
Batteries & Chargers
Brake Parts
Yard Dogs

Drive Axle Components
Electrical Components
Fuel Systems
Hydraulic Parts
Lift Chains
Load Wheels

Wire Guided Vehicles
LP Tanks
Lift Tables
Tune-Up Parts

Recondition Equipment

Need To Rebuild?

Rebuilding your equipment saves you thousands of dollars a year – that’s money you can use to grow your business. Our parts and service technicians can give you a quote on your current repair needs as well as create an ongoing parts and service plan for regular maintenance. We often help customers pre-order parts they need on a regular basis to save them time.

Call us at 888-564-7678 press #2 for Service or fill-out the form below and find let us help you save on rebuilds and create a maintenance plan that works for your budget. 

Recondition Your Equipment

Maintain and Save: Forklift Care

With winter coming it’s a good time to begin preparing your fleet for the season. Our Service Department is prepared to give you all the help you need to maintain your fleet this year and beyond.

We all know a forklift works better when you maintain it, and purchasing new machines may be out of the budgets for companies, especially if more than one is needed. Our Parts and Service Department is composed of highly trained professionals with radio and GPS dispatched fleet of over 50 service technicians for when you want to leave the repairs to us. Over time, all machines break down and need repairs, but remember good used forklifts work every bit as well as new ones do and at a much lower price without sacrificing quality or choice. Let the KMH Parts & Service Team give you a FREE QUOTE to completely recondition your aging material handling equipment instead of buying new. In many cases we can fully recondition two for what you can expect to pay for one new one.

Used & Maintained Equals a Larger Fleet, Longer Service

Being able to have more than one operational forklift allows the user to alternate forklifts, which puts less wear on the machines, extending their life and your budget. Increased productivity increases the amount of work that can be done over the same period of time. More productivity means you are investing less and benefiting more.

Why Maintain?

  • Un-maintained forklifts overheat & fail
  • Un-maintained forklifts have sluggish performance
  • Un-maintained forklifts are susceptible to wheel slippage
  • Un-maintained forklifts are at risk of failing safety inspections

What We Can Do…

  • Reconditioned, Rebuilt-Exchange Engine *
  • Reconditioned Transmission/Differential (Transaxle) *
  • Recondition Mast/Upright Assembly; Install New Bearings, Bushing, Wear Strips As Equipped *
  • Recondition/Rebuild Steering System *
  • Reconditioned Brake System
  • Reconditioned Hydraulic System & New Hoses
  • Reconditioned Electrical System & New Gauges
  • New Tires & Operator Seat, Seat Belt
  • New Paint Job & OEM Decal Set

Forklift Warranty

*Does not include correction of any structural defect, i.e. broken/bent or otherwise damaged rails, stub shafts or other, requiring welding or machine work. If any such defect is found it will be quoted as a separate job action.

Request More Information On Reconditioning Your Equipment…