Schedule Planned Maintenance

Why Preventative Maintenance Is Important

Companies that rely solely on reactive maintenance are essentially waiting for a problem to happen, and this can be a very costly move. Unplanned downtime can result in idle employees, halting the production line, missed deadline.  Any unexpected failure of your equipment can mean having to pay technicians overtime and having to pay extra money for delivery of parts.

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Recondition Your Equipment

Bring You Equipment Back To Life: Recondition With KMH

Our Service Department is prepared to give you all the help you need to maintain your fleet this year and beyond. You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars of the cost of buying new equipment. While pricing varies by job, we can repair or rebuild your vehicle at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one.

Refurbishment involves a thorough inspection of the unit and replacing or replacing all defective components, essentially bringing the machine back up to speed so it works as hard as a new machine.  Typically, a refurbishment will address every component of a machine: everything from cosmetics and operator comforts to mechanical and electrical components. The goal is to help the customer by producing equipment that is as close to the original as possible.

Over time, all machines break down and need repairs, but remember good used forklifts work every bit as well as new ones do and at a much lower price without sacrificing quality or choice.  Refurbishment, if done at the right time, on the right equipment, and by the right people, can provide significant cost savings when compared to buying new.

Larger Fleet, Longer Service

Being able to have more than one operational forklift allows the user to alternate forklifts, which puts less wear on the machines, extending their life and your budget. Increased productivity increases the amount of work that can be done over the same period of time. More productivity means you are investing less and benefiting more.

Why Maintain?

  • Un-maintained forklifts overheat & fail
  • Un-maintained forklifts have sluggish performance
  • Un-maintained forklifts are susceptible to wheel slippage
  • Un-maintained forklifts are at risk of failing safety inspections

What We Can Do

  • Reconditioned, Rebuilt-Exchange Engine *
  • Reconditioned Transmission/Differential (Transaxle) *
  • Recondition Mast/Upright Assembly; Install New Bearings, Bushing, Wear Strips As Equipped *
  • Recondition/Rebuild Steering System *
  • Reconditioned Brake System
  • Reconditioned Hydraulic System & New Hoses
  • Reconditioned Electrical System & New Gauges
  • New Tires & Operator Seat, Seat Belt
  • New Paint Job & OEM Decal Set

Let the KMH Parts & Service Team give you a FREE QUOTE to completely recondition your aging material handling equipment instead of buying new. In many cases we can fully recondition two for what you can expect to pay for one new one.

Planned Maintenance

The Benefits of Planned Maintenance

It’s a fact that bad maintenance can have a serious effect on the health of a company and its employees. Not only will poor maintenance habits put the lives of the people who work on the equipment at risk, it will also affect the financial health of the business. In order for a company to be competitive they must follow sound vehicle and equipment maintenance procedures.

Planned Maintenance programs, if done on a regular basis, will significantly extend the life of the vehicle. This will include such things as changing of oil and filters; cleaning and lubrication; checking of all fluid levels; inspections for fork wear or chain stretch, vehicle inspection; and operational checks.

One of the best ways to reduce costs and maintain your material handling equipment is to have a planned maintenance program in place. Planned maintenance is an agreement to have a dealership service your forklifts on a regular basis. You may set up the frequency of maintenance based on preference and how much the equipment is used. Here are several reasons why planned maintenance will save your company time and money.


Every service includes a multi-point safety and operations inspection to ensure the unit is not posing any potentially harmful threats to its operator. This inspection helps catch issues before they become a major safety concern or major repair.

Increased Machine Life

Regular maintenance will reduce the frequency and severity of repairs. Without proper maintenance, it is possible that your equipment could have more frequent problems, such as pump repairs and engine rebuilds.

Increased Productivity

Equipment that is well maintained does not break down. This improves productivity as well as your profits.

Lower Cost of Repair

Repairs are made on a “fix-before-fail” basis, minimizing cost and residual damage.

Service Performed Correctly

You will have an experienced technician at your location each time your unit is due for service. You won’t have to be concerned with the possibility of an inexperienced tech performing checks on the unit and you will be able to plan service in advance when the unit will not be in demand. A trained technician will have the proper skills and tools to work on your equipment. This will result in less down time for you.

Every PM procedure includes comprehensive multi-point safety and operations inspection to help spot the problems before they happen, leading to reduced downtime for your lift truck fleet.

When you have a regular PM program you will begin to see benefits very quickly. Not only will a sound maintenance program increase reliability and safety, it will also reduce downtime, contribute to profits, and enhance the competitiveness of your business in the marketplace.

To schedule a service appointment on your equipment or setup PM program please use the link below…

Experience The KMH Service Difference

WE HAVE THE TECH IF YOU HAVE THE TRUCKS! KMH is the LEADING PROVIDER of forklift service & parts in your market!

  • Responsive service dispatch & 24/7 support
  • Factory trained technicians across leading lift truck brands including; Nissan, TCM, Clark, Crown, Yale, Hyster, Raymond, Doosan to name a few
  • 1st time service resolution rates greater than 90%
  • Painless service experience from initial quote through invoicing process!
Forklift Service
KMH Service Fleet

Benefits of In-House Parts, Service & OEMs

At KMH we have expertise in everything we sell. There is no substitute for quality, efficiency and safety. Working with KMH service teams and our OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) you are not just buying a part, you are investing in our over 30 years of experience and expertise to service your future.

KMH has access to next day delivery from our supplier sources on most parts so you can Stock less inventory at your locations. Free up cash flow to accelerate growth and impact in other areas of your business.

Want to find out how we can save you money in advance? Provide us a list of your top 15 parts using the form below along with any special requirements. We’ll provide a quote within 24 hours that is tailored to meet your specific needs!

Why KMH Service?

A technician who is familiar with your fleet and operations will be able to complete any and all maintenance with more accuracy and precision than anyone else. You won’t have to shop around for services and you will save yourself the hassle of working with less experienced technicians. When your equipment needs service you want to be sure that who you reach out to will treat you with respect, integrity, and honesty.

How Can We Help?

Our service Team comes to you. With a 2-hour response goal, fully stocked vans, and 15 locations, we give our clients year round support and short notice reliability they deserve.

  • Over 50 Service Technicians
  • Fully Stocked Vans with mobile tire presses
  • Operation (Preventive) Maintenance
  • Service at your location for: batteries, hoists, conveyors and other material handling assets

Why OEM Parts?

  • OEM parts are made by the manufacturer of your equipment. That means the part will be the same or better than the original.
  • OEM parts mean you don’t have to guess at assessing the different parts available.
  • OEM parts are made according to exact specifications and will work precisely like the part you are replacing.
  • Unlike most generic parts, OEM parts come with a warranty from the manufacturer and won’t void the warranty on the original piece of equipment.
  • Generic parts may cost less upfront, research has shown that they can lead to increased costs in equipment downtime and inefficiency.

Our dealership has proven expertise and application knowledge of major brands in your equipment fleet including Unicarriers, Nissan, Clark, Doosan, Yale & Hyster, Mitsi & Cat, Crown, Raymond.

Letting KMH be your one call for all your material handling needs saves you time, energy, and frustration you might have from needing to fill out warranty-related paperwork or get your warranty transferred. Our network of parts associates across KMH locations has over 150 years lift truck parts experience and knowledge that we bring to your success.