Zero Pressure Accumulation System

EZLogic® Accumulation System

EZLogic®, or Electronic Zero-pressure Logic, is a method of zero-pressure control that combines the sensing accuracy of photo-electrics with discrete electronic logic control without the use of a PLC or pneumatic logic components. This system provides all the “intelligence” needed to accurately control the various functions of zero-pressure accumulation on a variety of conveyor models. Reduced noise, higher reliability, higher throughputs and ease of maintenance are just some of the advantages of the EZLogic® system.


The heart of the EZLogic® Accumulation System is the EZLogic® zone controller. Each controller is equipped with a photoelectric input device to detect product presence, a microprocessor to evaluate various input signals, and control connections to provide communication of data between zones and to and from outside sources. Two types of product sensing are available: A retro-reflective type which is used in conjunction with a reflector to detect packages by looking across the width of the conveyor, and a diffuse type which is used to detect packages when a reflector cannot be used.

EZLogic® Features:

  • Easier Installation & Replacement
  • Dynamic Zone Allocation – Provides Unprecedented Throughput Possibilities
  • Easy to Configure
  • Functionality to Enhance Product Flow
  • Greatly Simplifies Field Wiring

IOP Advantages:

  • Central Location For All Wiring
  • Reduced Installation Costs
  • “Peer to Peer” Communication
  • Easy to Reconfigure

Dynamic Zone Allocation

EZLogic® automatically adjusts the conveyor’s zone length to accommodate the length of the carton being conveyed. This provides better control of your boxes and naturally increases carton throughput, accumulation density, conveyor efficiency and system flexibility. If desired you can size zones for the smallest carton for maximum efficiency. Longer cartons introduced after installation do not obsolete the system, and the low-usage, long carton isn’t a problem.

Input / Output Power System

The input/output power system gives you the ability to install all of your “real time” inputs and outputs to the EZLogic® system, such as zone stop inputs, slug mode inputs, photo eye outputs, “jam detected” outputs and more. This centralizes all your control wiring to one spot and reduces installation costs. It can also be used for peer to peer communications. And it’s easy to reconfigure.

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Features & Benefits of the E24i

The E24i is the most robust E24™ motor ever, with a higher maximum speed than the original E24™. We simplified wiring and reduced the number of spare parts by integrating the DC motor and motor control card into one package. The E24i is compatible with the existing E24™ wiring harness for power distribution and I/O.

To use with EZLogic®, connect the EZLogic® output cable to the M8 connector on the back of the motor.

There is a 4-position terminal block on the back of the E24™i motor. You can give a 24-volt input to the motor, or you can get 24-volt outputs. The first terminal block is the “Motor Run” input. When not using EZLogic®, run the motor by giving a positive 24- volt signal to the 1st terminal block.

The second terminal block is the “Reverse” input. Reverse the motor by supplying a 24-volt signal to the reverse input terminal. The third terminal block is for an external analog signal. Supply a 0-10 volt analog input, or the “Analog” input, to control the speed from a remote analog source, such as Hytrol’s Global Speed Controller.

The fourth terminal outputs 24 volts when the motor is running. Use this signal to monitor the individual status of zones or connect it to the Motor Run input of an adjacent motor to control two motors from one signal.

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